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Sights & Landmarks • Amsterdam, North Holland Netherlands

The Western Church is a Renaissance Protestant church in Amsterdam. Its construction started in 1620 and it was finished in 1631. Its tower is the tallest church tower in the city.

It is also the burial place of Rembrandt van Rijn, the famous Dutch Baroque painter and printmaker, but the exact location of his tomb remains unknown.

Anne Frank mentions the church and its tower many times in her diary. This comes as no surprise since the house where she lived is located near the Westerkerk.

In 1966 there was a royal wedding in the church – Princess Beatrix and Prince Claus von Amsberg got married there.

If you plan to visit the church, please bear in mind that services are still being held here and that it is a place of silence. The nearest tram station is Westermarkt (lines 13, 14 and 17).

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