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Old Church

• Amsterdam, North Holland Netherlands

One of the oldest buildings in Amsterdam (built in 1306), located in the famous Red Light District. The close proximity of such an imposing religious building and the many bars and brothels surrounding it creates an interesting contrast.

Nowadays, the church hosts not only religious events but cultural ones as well. Many concerts and prestigious ceremonies are organized there every year.

It is not just a church but also a burial site. Many important residents of Amsterdam are buried under the building and you can see their tombstones on the floor of the church. Among those buried, there is, for example, Rembrandt’s wife, or several regents of Amsterdam.

You can also climb the church tower (as a part of the guided tour) and enjoy the beautiful view of the city. However, be prepared for the narrow steps because there are no lifts.

You can buy your tickets online if you want to avoid the queues.

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