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Times Square

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Times Square (nicknamed “The Crossroads of the World”) is the best known square in New York City and also its beating heart. It got its name in 1904 and it was named after the New York Times which moved the headquarters there.

It comes into focus mainly during New Year’s Eve celebrations which are traditionally held at Times Square (the tradition dating back to 1903) and covered by the ABC programme Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

The highlight of the evening is the famous ball dropping during which the huge ball descends about half a meter. The tradition of counting down the last seconds of the year while watching the huge ball slowly go down dates back to 1907. The moment it drops completely, the New Year starts.

Times Square is also known for its neon signs. The NASDAQ sign at Times Square is the world’s largest LED sign. Also, there are many brand shops, cafés and restaurants. The square also appeared in many films. Among the most famous ones are Vanilla Sky, Enchanted, Spider-Man 3 or New Year’s Eve.

Times Square is usually crowded with tourists. Note that since 2011, the square is smoke free.

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