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Jameson Distillery Midleton

• Midleton, County Cork Ireland

The Jameson Distillery Midleton is a renowned Irish whiskey distillery located in the town of Midleton, County Cork, Ireland. Founded in 1825, it has been producing high-quality whiskey for nearly two centuries and is now the largest distillery in Ireland.

The distillery is named after John Jameson, who established the Jameson brand in Dublin in 1780. In 1966, Jameson merged with two other Irish whiskey distilleries to form Irish Distillers Limited, and the company moved its operations to Midleton. Since then, the Jameson Distillery Midleton has become the primary producer of Jameson whiskey, as well as other well-known Irish whiskey brands such as Redbreast, Powers, and Green Spot.

Visitors to the Jameson Distillery Midleton can take a tour of the facility and learn about the history of Irish whiskey and the production process. The tour begins with an introduction to the Jameson brand and its origins, followed by a walk-through of the distillery's working areas. Visitors can see the various stages of whiskey production, from the milling of the grains to the maturation of the whiskey in oak barrels.