Architecture • London, England

Tate Modern

51° 30' 27.16740” N 0° 5' 58.25292” W

This phenomenal modern and contemporary art gallery is housed in a former power station designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott and built between 1947 and 1963. It is one of the largest art galleries in the world.

The main area of the gallery consists of 8 sections, each with a certain theme or a subject. The entrance to most of the museum is free so it is a good choice for those traveling on a budget. Some special exhibitions or events may be charged (for detailed information, please consult the official website).

If you are carrying any bags, briefcases or umbrellas, you may need to leave them in the cloakroom. Large bags and suitcases must be left there as well.

There is a café and a restaurant in the gallery, where you can refresh yourself. You can also find three shops selling books, gifts and more.

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